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Build a Culture of Compliance Across Your Organization

When it matters most, you want to be prepared and have good policies and procedures in place.

“Only 70% of firms even try to measure the effectiveness of their compliance programs.”

– Deloitte Consulting

Top Challenges for Education

Remote Learning

The shift to educate students across a global remote environment means more than just technological changes.

Concerns have arisen around student interaction, fair practice for competitive entry, classroom size, resources, and more. Stringent policy measures can help navigate these concerns and the future of learning.

Student Expectations

Today, students are demanding more advanced services and transparency from universities and colleges.

This entails more access to a broader range of tools including library services, broader context in learning material, wider mobility access, student funding, and field-specific learning. All of this must have a collaborative understanding through a proper policy management program.

Rising Costs

A university or college is like a mini city with many similar services supporting the campus. The accelerated costs of running these services often find their way into student tuition and extended government funding.

A strong policy program that everyone follows can help keep costs under control.

myPolicies’ Key Benefits for Education

Policy Creation

Enabling policy owners to upload their current policies, along with providing 250 best-practice policy templates, alleviates the enormous time spent on policy creation.

Dispute Resolution

A proper policy management program can sizably reduce back-and-forth clarity discussions within an antiquated policy program. Using a cloud-based platform along with 250 best-practice templates can help policy owners deliver clear and inclusive policies.

Sensitive Matters

Policy authors can be mindful of everyone’s sensitivities to new policies with myPolicies’ communication tools, which allow individuals to call out a concern or request a private conversation with the policy author to discuss more sensitive topics.

Policy Writing and Approval

Start corralling your policies within a unified platform and avoid having multiple policy writers for the same topics. With a proper policy platform, one author can include multiple approvers and produce a single well-crafted policy.

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