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Automate Your Policy Management

Spend more time on patient care and less time on administrative tasks.

A 2021 survey of Compliance Officers state, the expected cost of compliance staff will increase by 47%.

– Thomson Reuters

Top Challenges for Healthcare


With COVID-19, many healthcare facilities are creating new rules and methods like phone consultations to triage patient issues. This new model for patient interactions comes with challenges: regulations, privacy, and diagnostic procedures.

To maintain the high standards of healthcare, a sound policy management system will be very important to instruct staff through the new procedures and policies that arise from this new model.

Staff Retention

Staff retention is a critical concern for continuing to provide excellent care for patients. Unfortunately, turnover is at a new high and medical facilities are struggling to provide enough attention to a growing number of patients.

Healthcare facilities are dramatically revising their policies and procedures to accommodate the changes in health practices. Policy creation, distribution, and acknowledgments must occur quickly to ensure patient care can remain at high levels.


With each new COVID-19 variant, we learn more about how to manage this virus through best health practices. Governments often change how they treat policies and procedures that affect both health facilities and the population.

A proper policy management platform will be mission critical because these changes often dramatically affect how healthcare facilities operate, and it’s vital to ensure team members follow the stringent new regulations.

myPolicies’ Key Benefits for Healthcare

Policy Creation

Enabling policy owners to upload their current policies, along with providing 250 best-practice policy templates, alleviates the enormous time spent on policy creation.

Digital Sign-Offs

Providing policy owners with visibility into policy acknowledgments is a key priority to minimize errors, track individual participation, and bolster a culture of compliance.

Policy Audits

Policy tracking and reporting is audit-ready to meet the demands of HIPAA compliance. All reports for distribution and attestation can be easily exported to acceptable reporting documents for governing organizations.

Legal Protection

By applying proper policy controls within an advanced policy platform, healthcare facilities are well prepared and have strong documentation, safeguarding the organization from many legal actions that occur from outside forces and internal disputes.

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