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Ensure Your Employees Are Compliant With Your Policies and Procedures

Build your company’s best-practice compliance habits.

“Only 29% of organizations consider compliance as a core priority.”

– Network IT Trends Report 2021

Top Challenges for Professional Services

More Complex Issues

Customer demands for more complicated matters are reaching new heights. A strong focus on new topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); climate issues; and health and safety is challenging new research and intelligence.

It will be more important than ever to install a policy management platform to help organizations become unified on these topics and on how they research and manage the information for their clients.

Need for New Skills

The world continues to evolve, with new business challenges in legal, engineering, and management consulting. These trades need to advance their intellectual capital to produce forward-thinking ideas and solutions.

Hiring new employees and strengthening the current talent pool through education are a path to success. However, these tasks come with rules-based systems that must align with a strong policy management program for a successful outcome.

Customer Payments

Your customers are facing increased challenges: costs are rising, taxes are more complicated, and payments are slower.

The trickle effect of the latter impacts your business, and so does the Q&A that often comes with invoices and delays payments.

Get ahead of payment issues with a well-crafted policy that identifies potential dangers and how to reduce obstacles for swift customer payments.

myPolicies’ Key Benefits for Professional Services

Policy Automation

When your employees are working remotely or in different geographies, setting up policy groups for automated distribution can alleviate the headaches and time normally associated with antiquated policy distribution methods.

Policy Creation

Enabling policy owners to upload their current policies, along with providing 250 best-practice policy templates, alleviates the enormous time spent on policy creation.

Digital Sign-Offs

Providing policy owners with visibility into policy acknowledgments is a key priority to minimize errors, track individual participation, and bolster a culture of compliance.

Policy Transparency

Todays’ employees are often looking for different ways to connect with your company. With that in mind, myPolicies provides a unique two-way communication forum for employees to voice concerns, ask questions, or have private chats with policy authors. This provides a platform of inclusion and transparency for your employees.

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