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The policy experts and analysts from myPolicies, powered by Info-Tech Research Group, have written articles to help you learn more about best practices of the policy lifecycle. These articles will provide you with the tools to effectively write, communicate, and manage every step of the policy lifecycle.


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Effectively Manage your HR Policy Portfolio

Robust policies are crucial to all HR functions and keeping them organized saves money, increases productivity, and avoids potential legal liability. Despite the importance of policies, many organizations are struggling to manage their human resources policies and procedures in a way that works. Use myPolicies' complete guide to Effectively Manage the HR Policy Portfolio to build a robust HR policy portfolio and free up HR's time.

Employee Compliance Training

Effective corporate policies are critical to mitigating organizational risk. However, these policies fail to properly protect an organization if employees do not comply. Non-compliance can directly hurt an organization and open it up to the risk of legal and regulatory costs. In order to ensure policies are providing the protection needed, organizations must ensure employees are effectively trained on policy compliance. Read this guide to discover more about the importance of compliance and the steps toward implementing an employee compliance training program.

How to Build an Effective and Efficient Policy Management Process

Policies and procedures are an essential part of day-to-day operations for any organization. However, policy creation can be needlessly complex and disjointed. Our how-to guide provides you with all the necessary steps you'll need to build an effective and efficient policy management process.

How to Develop Strong Policies

Developing strong and effective policies is essential for mitigating risks in the policy management process. The development phase sets the foundation for building clear and consistent policies that will mitigate organizational risks. Read this guide to learn the step-by-step process to developing effective policies that will gain approval from stakeholders.

How to Write an Effective Policy

Policies are a critical part of any organization. They inform an organization’s culture, influence employee behaviour, and govern the internal structure of a corporation. A poorly written or out-of-date policy can have detrimental consequences for your organization and lead to legal and financial burdens. Writing strong corporate policies is one of the best ways you can take protective action for your organization and its employees. Read this guide to learn the basics of writing a strong policy that is comprehensive, clear, and accurate.

Policy Communication Tips

When it comes to policy compliance, communication of a policy is almost as important as the policy itself. Whether you’re reaching out to new or existing employees, having a communication plan is a necessary strategy to help ensure end users are both aware and compliant with your policy initiatives. Read this article to learn how to build a strong communication plan that will assist in policy compliance.

Policy Enforcement and Monitoring

Strong policies are critical to any organization, but policies can only be effective if they are strongly enforced. Even well-written policies will fail to protect an organization and its employees if they are not enforced. To increase compliance, organizations must take their stakeholders into consideration by communicating policies to both management and employees. Read this guide to learn the steps to successful policy enforcement and monitoring.

Prepare for the Policy Storm That is Coming

Everything we have seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, from lock downs to supply shortages, to returning to work, has required enormous amounts of governance. Many businesses address these immediate changes by writing policy after policy without any thought to how difficult this entire process can be.

Tips for Measuring Policy Program Metrics

In a business world that is constantly evolving, it has become extremely important for organizations to monitor their policies to ensure they do not lag behind business needs. Policies should be continually monitored for relevance and validity and updated accordingly. In order to properly monitor and update their policies, it is crucial for organizations to establish and evaluate key policy program metrics. Read this article to learn more about why measuring policy program metrics is important and how organizations should monitor their policy libraries.

What Makes a Good Policy Statement?

Strong corporate policies are critical to protecting organizations from risk, and strong policy statements are critical to maintaining effective corporate policies. Policy statements are at the core of any corporate policy and well written policy statements have the potential to protect an organization where poor policy statements cannot. Policy statements should be easily understood and offer adequate risk protection to the organization. Read this guide to learn the basics of writing effective policy statements that help to create valuable corporate policies.